Heroes Forged in the New Dawn.

Your Right Hand Man

Richard Turtlerider’s actions bring much interest from the treasure hunters and scam artists.
Nailo Galanodel is one such adventure, having heard the rumors while only partially intoxicated or perhaps Pickled, better describes it.

Von,Squintastic join the ranks as they set off return to Deception, set to restore and sanctify the Blight spots along the way.

After a quick run in with some spiders (and Squintastic demonstrates an excellent 50 yard dash) the group winds up getting to another decimated village.

Shortly thereafter they come across another Blight spot, and while Lolaansar McRawr goes to purify the position, the rest of the party hangs back a few yards. The dead clump of trees is perhaps forboding, but for forbidding, the staff to sanctity the ground is set, a Blight Treant attacks, Joesphe Forgedawn leaps to defend to be swated, and in the process his Chocobo is rendered flesh, bonemeal and feathers from the might talon like branches of the Treant. Lolaansar McRawr is also struck… so soundly that his rib are shattered, his arm ripped from his body wholely. Von stabilizes him but weeks will pass before he will regain consciousness again.

Wherein they come across Charterus, a Stitchling, made and animate by hedge mage, turned necromancer who went mad after his town was poisoned and thereafter driven rabid by demons.

After returning to Deception.

Joesphe’s lame leg was set in the bonesetter’s guild – part masochist, part healer of no religious denomination. The mangled leg’s bone was reset and left to heal time and time again until its proper shape was restored and most of the movement returned.

The group, while Joesphe was … pardon… on the mend. Spent time reconnecting, studying and making little jaunts to visit <<charterus>>.

Deception, still bound and secured against such outside elements, passive magical defense prevented Charterus from even approaching the city proper.

To Town

The job boards around Deception and her guilds are a flutter with a thousand wings of paper requesting help or offering rewards for family members lost to be returned, or family heirlooms to be restored. One of these was the request of a nearby township, whose city, upon returning to re-establish their rule – was overrun with lizardmen. The group ..er.. ‘swiftly’ decided to proceed to their aid.

Trudging through the brackish plains, they came to a stone bridge, spanning the muddy river whose wellspring the town sprung up from. The river moved in turbid fashion, its banks worn away to a gradual slope. Just a faster moving channel of mud.
When the party attempted to cross the bridge Lizardman Guards demand tribute for entry.

the bridge

Von and Richard TurtleRider – in an act that utterly vexed the Lizard Man, show not only no fear but joyous glee at the 10+ Lizardmen guard force. At the same moment Charterus appears at their flank… apparently a visage of horror and Demon-kin. The Lizardmen second guess their own abilities and decide to not threaten those to so causally travel with demons.

The party proceeds to ‘town,’ now just a few boards and one mostly standing inn of wood and stone. Although its furnishing have been ripped out tracks of lizardmen wander the floor and weave throughout the city itself.

the swamp

Just Northwest of the city was the headlands, now a fetid miasma of rotting materials, the stench brings bile to the mouths of t

into the Inn

Parley… hardly

Out out of the Inn


A change of scenery
new kid in town.

Dire Consequences.

You’ve lost that magic feeling.

There and back again.

Home away from Home.


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