Heroes Forged in the New Dawn.

Sins of the Father

Well fearful readers… its been awhile. so Lets try to develop the backstory and catch up.

Richard Turtlerider and Joesphe Forgedawn have become crown bearers – 2 of the ancient crowns of rulership:

Content Not Found: crown-of-rule is possessed by Richard and Shared with Von Hoek
[[:crown-of-brilliance | The Crown of Purity (Good)] is possessed by Joesphe.

In their wandering they have come across Springheel Jacknot – Kender Wild Magus. Bearer of the Circlet of Choas, and perhaps the herald for the Kenderkin. Their efforts return ‘Jack’ to the continent of Hawke… and to the desolation of a world without his friends. Have you ever come across a sad Kender? Well, you have now. BUT, there is work to be done, evil afoot, and somebody has to pay for his kin’s deaths! So off wends Jack, book of spells in hand, and a world of trials and wonder to find his way through.

The group finds themselves curious… well, how do WE get one’a them there crowns. Turns out the temple of Mangus Nightwalker – beloved of Sheenai holds one.

With crowns in two the group finds themselves sought by outside forces, and an encounter in the City of verbonnec … relieves them of one.


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